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Why Zip?

We all know about .zip files. Now there are ZipLinks.
More than just short links. Transform links into powerful tools.


Create a ZipLink for all of your channels. Use on blogs, forums, social networks, instant messages, online publications or ad campaigns. Make email-friendly links. Shorten and track it for business or educational projects. These shortened links allow for infinite possibilities and control.


Get interactive charts with click analytics. Trace unique clicks, returning clicks, visitor country of origin, browsers used, and more! Statistical link analysis is now amazingly simple using ZipLink!


With ZipLink it is possible to create branded links. Our dashboard allows complete management. Edit or delete a URL. See your complete short link history... with tools to manage, filter, tag, search and share URLs.

Complete Analytics

Unlock the amazing possibilities of a link Zip Features

Link Management
Traffic routing
Domain Name Management

There are various ways you can use a ZipLink shortener, or branded ZipLink shortener Zip Potential

Create a Short Link for All of Your Social Channels
Edit and Brand Your Instagram Bio Link
Brand and Track Links in Facebook
Business Emails and Branded Links

Powerful Dashboard

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